SRAWUNG coffee table

bamboo has so many benefits and is clearly one of the best sustainable materials for furniture making in the future. though, so far we felt it has one weakness: it is difficult to create even table surfaces from bamboo. but now, we have a great new solution: cross laminated bamboo tops, like here applied to our SRAWUNG coffee table. not only emphasizes it the beautiful bamboo grain, but it also stays straight and strong, due to the locking mechanism of three 90°cross-laminated layers.


  • bamboo („only“)
  • finishing: clear PU, black stain, walnut stain or custom stain


  • regular: 110,0 wide, 55,0 deep, 38,0 high
  • large: 140,0 wide, 65,0 deep, 38,0 high
  • square: 110,0 wide, 110,0 deep, 38,0 high

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