the DEPROK line

the DEPROK line transports the javanese mid-century ‘jengki’ style to the current times of contemporary design and the challenge of climate change.

the line is designed to minimize its climatic impact: base components are crafted from scrap wood, solid surfaces are created by rattan weavings and frames can be detached for flat packing.

we further use ‘tenun lurik’ fabrics for the cushions to include long-grown handi- craft clusters in the process.


the easy chair and coffee table are designed in a simplistic way, using slim and short components to be able to exclusively use wood cut-offs.

we further created the solid ‘block’ elements of the easy chair’s seating and the coffee table’s legs by weaving closed rattan surfaces to minimize the material use.


the DEPROK design language is inspired by the mid- century JENGKI style, that embraced new creative freedoms and influences from the US after indonesia’s independence.

the easy chair and coffee table continue the era’s distinctive line of veranda furniture, with its enlarged geometreical shapes, radii and woven rattan surfaces.


for the cushions we use manually woven ‘tenun lurik’. ‘tenun’ (javanese for ‘weave’ or ‘intertwined’) is a long- grown weaving technique that uses wooden looms. specific for jogja is the ‘lurik’ fabric, whose signature feature are repeated lines in variating thicknesses and colors.

‘kapok’ is a natural cotton-like fluff obtained from seed pods of the ‘ceiba’ tree. it is traditionally used in java for mattress and pillow fillings as a natural alterative to synthetic foams or poultry feathers.


the main feature of the easy chair is a special locking mechanism that allows the backrest to appear just ‘tucked’ into the base frame.

the detachability of the easy chair’s backrest as well as the coffee table’s legs enable a flat packing and less shipping volume of the items.


  • wood: mindi, teak, white oak
  • weaving: natural rattan, black stained rattan, more fibres to come
  • finishing: oil, clear PU or wood stains (walnnut, dark brown, black or custom)
  • upholstery: tenun lurik (handwoven), standard fabric


  • easy chair: 53,5 wide, 65,5 deep, 71,2 high, 38,0 seat height.
  • coffee table: 80,0 or 100,0 dia., 38,0 height.

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